beckie north

digital lead

Beckie, not to be confused with Becky, joined our team in the middle of that pandemic that we've all forgotten about now (fingers crossed), which can only mean one thing... most of us haven't met her. So we've done the only logical thing and may or may not have copied and pasted parts of this bio from her eHarmony profile, not that we were looking.

A passionate all-round marketer, Beckie has worked in marketing departments for a variety of industries, from charity organisations, to leisure. However, she decided early on in her career that digital was the future of the industry and jumped on it, like a drunk lad spying a mechanical bull. Before you ask, Beckie hasn't ridden a mechanical bull... yet.

At Prototype, it is Beckie’s job to make our clients, and us, look good online. With everything from copywriting to analytics, she’s your girl.

Away from the desk and screen, Beckie enjoys pretending to be a connoisseur of spirits, not the scary kind, the fun kind. She acts like she knows more about rum and gin than humanly possible and has even been known to spend half her pay-check on juniper berry garnishes in an attempt to prove it.

Turn ons: border collie lover, impeccable grammar and a link in bio.
Turn offs: slow texter, rosè drinker and a poor hashtag game.

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