Who are we?

Approaching 13 years of age, we’re done with telling you that we’re just 2 lads from Barnsley. And we’re so over boasting that we are multi-award winners. That’s not us any more, it’s not a reflection of who we are. We’re much more than that now.

The 2 founders, Gav and Josh are still 2 lads from Barnsley, only greyer and slightly fatter, but what makes Prototype Creative so special is our team that have joined us and our clients that trust us. Prototype Creative is everything it is today because of everyone involved.

We are a wildly diverse bunch of silly thinkers and tea drinkers, log stashers and geo cashers, odd socks and dreadlocks. What makes us, us, is that we are people like you. We’re not just techno wizards and digital magicians, we’re parents, bass players, snowboarders and zombie slayers, and we love meeting new people.

Are we at the top of our game?

Absolutely! We rate ourselves as the best agency in Yorkshire and we are certain that the most important cookie policy is the one that states there must be plenty in the tin when you call in for a brew.

the team

We have a experienced team that gets stronger and stronger. “How experienced?” I hear you ask. Have a read...

Meet the Team

our home

We live in a 2,500sq/ft studio spread over two floors. We keep the developers away from people and light (they like it that way).

the stuff we do

We can do it all. We can design, develop and market anything in the digital and physical realm.

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street cred

The word on the street is that we're ISO:9001 Certified and a Google Partner!

social side

Follow us to see our latest work, job opportunities and everything vaguely interesting happening in the studio.

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